Story of a black earthworm


The story of an Earthworm

The story of an Earthworm

Story of a black earthworm

Once upon a time there was a baby earthworm, who just came out of its cocoon. Its birth was a happy thing for the mother worm and father worm. Its home was beneath the surface of the ground in a tunnel made by the father worm.

It was well fed with dried leaves and decaying roots in the soil. It also had siblings whom it had fun and good memories with. They all ate together, played together, stayed together and loved each other.


As it was growing up the curious earthworm wanted to come out of its tunnel and go into the world to see how it looked like and do something meaningful with its life.

It wiggled its way upwards and saw the blue sky along with a bright light in the sky called sun. It looked around and saw trees and bushes around it. It saw flowers, birds and bees all around. There was a stream close by and it heard the sound of water. It also saw fishes, snails and crabs. It saw elephants and deer drinking water by the stream. The earthworm never saw anything so beautiful. It thanked God for its life, its parents, for its siblings, its home and everything.

The earthworm then saw how the light in the sky, the flowers, the bees, the birds, the stream and everything around are making themselves useful for others. The earthworm was inspired by the goodness and beauty around and it also wanted to do something beautiful for the world. It wanted to glorify God with its works. It started to think what it could do as its part to make something beautiful.

The earthworm thought to itself what would it do even when it wants to do something. It did not have wings like birds did, it did not have nectar like flowers did, it did not have light like the sun did, it did not have fruits like the trees did, it did not carry any water to quench the thirst of animals like the stream did. The worm was confused and disappointed as it did not have anything to give to the world. It prayed to God out of its despair to know what could be done by it to bring glory to Him alone.

Then God revealed its purpose and what its work would be on this earth appointed by God. It realized that the only thing it could ever do is to wiggle under the soil. It then made up its mind and wiggled its way into the nearby farmland. It chose the right spot for itself and started wiggling under the soil. It also called its entire family to go along with it. Once it started wiggling it knew nothing of the challenges it had to face in the coming future. There were birds who were ready to eat the worms in the soil. The worm was horrified of birds but it did not lose courage and thought to itself that no matter what I will continue doing what I am supposed to do until I face my death. In return, the earthworm ate dried leaves and decaying roots present in the soil and needed nothing else.

It kept on doing its job even though it did not receive anything in return except the joy of accomplishing something for the day. It only purpose was to be useful for others and bring glory to God. The God was very pleased with the worm, it has done its job perfectly and it wiggled through the entire farmland and thus turning it into a fertile land. The owner of the land came to inspect the land to plant the next crop and he noticed that his land is increased in its fertility and thanked God for helping him.

When the earthworm heard the farmer’s prayer and it was not able to contain itself. It finally has achieved what it has aimed for. The earthworm did fulfil its purpose on earth by doing what it could do best so that it could bring glory to God. Wiggling in the soil was such a small thing to do in front of the mighty things other beings did but the earthworm had the courage and patience to do what it was supposed to do till the end.

Moral of the story:

No matter how small and little things we are capable of we must do it for the well being of people around us so that our actions could bring glory to God. No action is smaller in God’s sight.

For the Holy Bible says:

So do not get tired of doing what is good. Do not get discouraged and give up, for we will reap a harvest of blessing at the appropriate time. Whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone.

Galatians 6:9

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