The Story of a Seed

Story of a brown Seed

Once upon a time there was a seed. It doesn’t know where it came from, which species it belongs to or what it is called, it knew nothing.

The stronger winds carried it and it fell in the water. It kept on floating in the water for a long distance before it stopped to rest on the bank and just then a deer came to the river for a drink and the seed stuck in its fur, without its knowledge the deer carried the seed to the highest peaks of the mountain where it stopped and shook it fur to rest and that’s when the seed fell off its fur. Then the seed found its place in the ground and knew it is now where it belonged. It buried itself deep into the soil and in a few weeks, there was a beautiful sprout.

The seed is now a sprout, which looked so pretty and fresh with light green leaves which reflected the beauty of the nature. The sprout now is a sapling thought that it is going to have a new life and future looked so promising. Little did it know that there are so many challenges for it to face to stand its ground. Suddenly there was a storm and heavy rain washed the ground off. The ground was so wet that its roots started decomposing. The sprout fell into despair but it looked up to the sky and prayed to God to give enough strength to withstand itself, then God sent a rainbow and the rain stopped. The light came up and there was enough moisture and heat for the sapling to grow into a plant.

Now the sapling is a beautiful plant and it glowed with its beauty. Then the summer came and plant had another challenge to face. The sun was too hot for it and the plant was drying up and dying from inside. The plant then once again looked up to God for help. The God who was always close to the plant heard its prayer and help came down. God then sent a pleasant shower of rain where it provided the right amount of moisture for the plant to grow. Then the plant started to grow tall and its roots were getting deeper and stronger as it placed its faith on its creator, the God Almighty.

Just when the plant thought that there will not be any more hurdles for it to enjoy its life, a goat came around to graze on some fresh grass. It saw the plant and its mesmerizing green leaves and could not take its eyes off the plant. The goat ate up all the leaves leaving the plant with only its stems and roots. Now the plant was in despair and almost at the verge of losing hope but then it remembered its journey as a seed and also that no matter what the situation was, God was always there. The plant remembered how kind and patient God is when it called for help. The seed then gathered all its strength and prayed again saying “God get me through this, I believe you and thank you for this life and everything you have given me” and never cursed it situation nor had any bitterness towards God. God who noticed that was very pleased and heard its prayer. The help came down and God blessed it with new leaves and branches.

The plant is now a tree. It had beautiful flowers and fruits to bear. There were birds making nests in its branches. After growing to a certain height, the tree understand that it is not just on any ground but it is standing on the highest peak of the mountain and can see the entire valley which is right beneath the mountain. The tree now realized that this is not the life it expected but it received more and saw that its cup was overflowing. The tree saw the river flowing and realized that it is the river that carried it here from the far lands. It saw the beauty around and sang a song of praise to the God who was there with it throughout its entire journey and realized that everything it achieved belonged to God alone and its heart was filled with gratitude.

Moral of the story:

The seed in this story depicts the life of a human being. No matter how many hurdles or challenges we might face when we put our faith in God, He will turn us into a magnificent being just like this magnificent tree. Always remember that our God is bigger than all the troubles, sorrows and mishaps in our lives.

For the Holy Bible says:

No disaster can overtake you. No plague can come near your dwelling; for He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways.

Psalm 91:10-11

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