The story of a Bird

Story of a Holy Bird

Once upon a time, there was a bird, who just left its parents’ nest when it was time for it to leave the nest. When it was with its parents it was well fed by the mother bird and father bird protected it through day and night. The bird had lovely siblings and had a wonderful time growing up with them. The bird had a good childhood but now it has come of age and had to leave the nest now. It has to enter the world to build its own nest to build its own living.

The bird at a very young age understood that no one could have the freedom the way it had. It could fly anywhere it wanted and was as free as it could be. The bird was grateful to God, its creator for the best life it had. The bird sang praises every morning and every evening to God. It spread its wings and gathered all the air beneath its wings and flew all across the hills, valleys, lakes, and even over the village. It was living its best life.

After enjoying the entire day flying, eating worms from the ground below, grain from the surrounding fields and drinking from the streams it returned back to the tree branch where it was living since it left its parents’ nest. The bird then decided to build a beautiful nest for itself the next day.

The morning came, with great strength and joy the bird was ready to build a nest for itself. It took the first flight and started to collect twigs and sticks. It flew all around the hills to collect them. The bird was very picky about the sticks and twigs which it was going to collect. It carefully inspected so that whatever it chose for the nest would be perfect.

It laid all the sticks and twigs in a pattern to outline the nest. Collecting the material and placing them in a way it needs to be. It surely was a tedious task for the little bird but it looked up at the sky and asked God for strength for it to build the nest. God heard its prayer and helped the little bird. The bird knew that God was watching over it.

Now the basic structure of the nest was ready. The next day, the bird started to collected the hay around the paddy fields. It laid the hay in a way that it covered all the twigs and sticks one after the other. Now its half way through completing the nest.

Next it collected some feathers of blue bird, robin red, sparrows and song birds that were lying around. Those were the softest feathers available in the region. It collected them one by one and placed them one by one on top of the hay.

Now the most beautiful and the desired nest was ready for the bird. It exactly took 2 weeks for the bird to build its nest. The bird was so happy that it invited all its friends to share its happiness with them and to celebrate. All the birds gathered around the tree branch and were dancing around the nest singing in joy. It was the happiest day in the bird’s life. After the party ended, it was the first night where the bird slept in the nest. It thanked God for all the mercies and was all set to have a peaceful night.

When the bird thought that it was all good, it suddenly started drizzling. The bird was not worried as it was just a drizzle but then the winds grew stronger and the drizzle turned into a rain and rain into a storm. The storm and the winds were so great that it threw the nest down to the ground. The bird who was watching all this helplessly felt a deep pain in its heart, but it cried out to its creator, the God. The bird kept praying for its nest all night.

When the morning came with the first ray of light everything was bright but yet there was no trace of the nest. The waters have washed it away. The bird was disappointed for a minute but decided not to sulk in the tragedy and wanted a different story for its life. Just like any other day with the same strength, hope and joy started singing again. Its heart was filled with praises for God. It did not ask God why its nest was lost. It did not lose its hope as the bird knew that the God who created it is greater than any problem this world could have. He only asked God to give enough strength and courage for it to build another nest.

The God who was looking from above was so pleased with the faith the little bird had and blessed it with whatever it needed to build a new nest. This time it took much lesser time for it to build the nest with better quality of twigs, sticks, hay and feathers. God also showed a different tree with stronger branches, which could withstand harsh winds. This time the bird had the best of nests even better than the previous one. The bird’s heart was humbled and its heart was filled with gratitude towards God. The bird proclaimed God’s name in front of its friends and said that its creator, the God indeed was watching over it.

Moral of the story:

When life hits you
hard with challenges and hurdles, do not lose hope. When you think that
everything is over that is where a new thing starts. Always remember that the
God your father is kind and is watching over you.

For the Holy Bible says:

He who watches over you will not
sleep nor slumber.

Psalm 121:1

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